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This is a 10 minute boat ride to a stunning protected beach where you can snorkel and enjoy a beautiful, peaceful beach. When you have had your fill of snorkeling, you will start hiking back along the coastal trail where you will pass Rio Claro. This is where a beautiful river flows into the ocean. You can take a break and swim in the river. When you are ready to continue onward with your adventure you will continue back to the hotel on the easy to follow coastal trail. which is about a 1 hour walk from Rio Claro. You will encouter many hidden beaches along your way.  A great way to explore our coastline on your own as this is a non-guided hike.

adventure 3.JPG


This activity can be scheduled for any time in the morning or afternoon.

PRICE: $45 per person for 2 people, $10 per additional person
DURATION: 2 to 5 hours

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