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Jobs equal conservation. After 20 years on the Osa Peninsula, we have gained a deep understanding of the challenges that the local people face. It is through this understanding that our approach to conservation is based. The people that built Copa De Arbol are the same people that greet you upon arrival at the beach.  Minor, one of the head carpenters, is also the owner of the horse tour company. If you take a bird-watching tour, a former hunter could be your guide. If you choose to embark upon a dolphin or whale adventure, former long-line fishermen may be your guides. Through these means, your visit becomes much more than a vacation. It becomes a lasting contribution to the Osa Penninsula, it’s natural history and it’s people. It creates jobs in an area where hunting, fishing and slash/burn agriculture were once the only options. 

With each guest’s visit, we move closer to our goals which include:

  • provide boats and guards to protect marine reserves in order to stop illegal fishing

  • provide and donate basic supplies to the park rangers

  • donate supplies to local schools and even create educational programs which help teach conservation awareness

  • support a local conservation initiative in which hunting equipment are sold or traded in for cameras and photography courses to help protect local endangered wildlife, while at the same time offering a means for the former hunters to help provide for their families.

This philosophy comes from a strongly held belief that conservation can only be successful if people are educated, aware and included in the process. So come join us and be a part of it.

Patrons of Copa De Arbol are helping conserve the Osa Peninsula through financial contributions  taken directly from resort profits that are given back to the community and conservationist so the children and guests of Costa Rica can enjoy the wildness of the Osa Peninsula for many years to come.

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