The Ultimate Guide to Costa Rica’s Jaco Beach: Sun, Surf, and Adventure!

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    In this blog, we unveil the ultimate solutions for beach enthusiasts seeking the perfect conditions, surfing instructions and gear, and adventure at Jaco Beach in Costa Rica. With over a decade of immersive experience navigating Costa Rica’s coastal paradises and assisting countless travelers in maximizing their beach experiences, Andrea, our seasoned expert, has meticulously curated this list. Each recommendation has been tested in Costa Rica, ensuring a comprehensive guide from surf schools to ideal accommodations, guaranteeing an unparalleled beach adventure.

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country known for its stunning beaches and adventurous activities. One of the most popular beach destinations in Costa Rica is Jaco Beach.

    Surf, Sun, and Fun: Your Ultimate Guide to Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

    Surfing Jaco Beach Costa Rica

    “I had a blast surfing along the perfect waves at Jaco, and the instructors were friendly and helpful.”

    Located along the Central Pacific coast facing the Pacific Ocean, Jaco Beach has plenty of things to see and do and provides access to some of the best Costa Rican beaches.

    How to get to Jaco

    When you’re in Costa Rica, a bus ride from San Jose to Jaco is the cheapest option, but the indirect route takes 2 hours and costs around $10 per person. Taxis are a great option. The drive takes around 1.5 hours and costs around $130. Groups can opt for the shuttle service, which is cheaper and costs around $90. If you plan on booking a rental car to get around Costa Rica, you may have to rent a 4×4 vehicle as some roads outside the Jaco area may be unpaved or rough. Hermosa Beach is the closest beach near Jaco. Explore Jacó Costa Rica and other beaches along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

    Best Activities in Jaco Beach

    Surf Lessons in Good Surfing Waters

    Surfing is one of the main things to do in Jacó Beach. With its consistent beach breaks with lefts and rights and warm waters, Jaco is known to attract surfers from all over the world. Beginners will find it easier to start on the south side of this surfing beach, while experienced surfers can try beach breaks on the north side near the mouth of the river.
    When you visit Costa Rica, there are plenty of surf schools in Jaco that offer lessons for all skill levels.

    Jaco Surf School: Just a few steps away from the beach, this is a school that provides customized guidance for all levels of experience. Schedule online or contact them to find out more. They also offer surf bundles, camps, and photography.

    Tortuga Surf School: This is another school that provides thorough training programs for surfers at different levels. They also have surf camps, trips, and rentals.

    Jaco Beach Surf: Beginners and experts can enroll and rent boards here. You can opt for a customized package they offer with a regional partner or try one of their water adventures.

    Exploring Playa Herradura

    Playa Herradura Costa Rica

    “Enjoyed a relaxing day at Herradura, where I swam in the calm water, snorkeled with colorful fish, and had a delicious lunch at the marina.”

    Just a 15-minute drive from Jaco Beach is Playa Herradura, another vibrant beach town. Known for its calm waters and scenic views, Herradura Beach is the main beach in town, a must-visit destination for beach lovers who come to Costa Rica. You can relax on the beach, go for a swim, or even try your hand at fishing. The mangroves surrounding the beach also offer opportunities for kayaking and wildlife spotting.
    If you want to explore this beach from Jaco, here are a few of the things you can do:
    – Lease a car, truck, bike, or scooter and drive along the picturesque coastal roadway to the beach. This way you get scenic views of the ocean, mountains, and palm trees along the way.
    – Other options include taking a bus or a taxi from Jaco to this beach. The bus departs from the main street in Jaco and costs about $1. Taxis charge around $10 and take around 15 minutes.
    – Join a catamaran cruise, a fishing charter, a kayak tour, or a horseback riding trip that will take you to Herradura and back.

    Must See Beaches South Of Jaco

    playa hermosa

    “The beauty and diversity of Playa Hermosa was amazing. I saw hundreds of birds, turtles, and dolphins, and watched the sunset from the black sand.”

    Playa Hermosa: This is a dark sand beach that is famous for its surfing waves. It is not good for swimming, but it is great for watching the surfers and enjoying the sunset. It is just a 5-minute drive from the town.

    Playa Esterillos: It’s a group of three beaches (Oeste, Centro, and Este) about a 25-minute drive from the town. These playas are quieter and less developed than Jaco and have some nice tide pools and rock formations. In Oeste, you can see a statue of a mermaid in the ocean that is accessible during low tide.

    Playa Bejuco: This secluded beach offers a good place to relax and enjoy nature, as it is surrounded by palm trees and mangroves. Around a 35-minute drive from the town, it is also a nesting site for sea turtles, so you might see some hatchlings if you visit between July and December.

    Playa Palo Seco: This is a long and narrow beach that is about a 45-minute drive from the town. It is located between a river and the ocean on the southern end of Jaco and has a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that is good for birdwatching, kayaking, and fishing.

    Must See Beaches North of Jaco

    Playa Blanca: This stunning white sand private beach is about a 20-minute drive from the town. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, with clear turquoise water and lush vegetation. Book a tour or pay a small fee to enter.

    Playa Mantas: Next to Playa Blanca, this quiet and peaceful beach is good for snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

    Playa Agujas: About a 25-minute drive from the town, this rustic and natural beach is not very crowded and has a relaxed vibe. 

    Visiting Carara National Park

    Carara National Park

    “Had plenty to learn about the flora and fauna of Carara National Park, where I joined a guided tour and saw monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, and macaws.”

    For nature lovers, a visit to Carara National Park is a must while in Jaco. About 31.5 Km from the town, this national park is located in the provinces of Puntarenas and San José and has a diverse range of wildlife and stunning flora. If you want to check out the park from Jaco, take a bus, taxi, or shuttle. It takes around 26 minutes to reach the park via Avenida Pastor Díaz, which is Route 34. The bus departs from Jaco’s main street and costs about $1. Taxis charge around $10.

    Activities: One of the best birdwatching sites in Costa Rica, Carara is a protected region for the endangered Scarlet Macaw. You can check out the park’s trails and see other wildlife including monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and birds. Check out the huge crocodiles that live under the Tarcoles River Bridge near the park entryway. The park has two main routes: the Laguna Meandrica Trail and the Quebrada Bonita Trail, which are both about 4.5 kilometers long and take around 2 hours to finish.

    Tours: You can sign up for a guided tour to learn more about the plants and fauna of the park and spot the wildlife with a specialist. You can book a tour online or through a travel agency in Jaco. A few of the trips on offer are:

    – Guided Visit (Ticket included): The trip cost of $44 per person includes the entrance ticket, telescope, air-conditioned vehicle, and bilingual guide. This tour accommodates a maximum of 10 visitors.

    – Crocodiles & Carara: Combine a boat trip on the Tarcoles River and a hike in the park. The tour cost of $125 per person includes transport, lunch, beverages, and a guide. A minimum group of 4 tourists is needed for this tour.

    – VIP Carara Canopy: Take a zip-lining adventure in the Carara National Park. It consists of transportation, equipment, and a guide. It costs $75 per person and requires a minimum of 4 visitors.

    Activities in Manuel Antonio

    Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Sloth

    “It was like paradise at Manuel Antonio, where I hiked in the rainforest, relaxed on the white sand, and tried some adventure activities like zip-lining and parasailing.”

    This is a beautiful national park that lies about 74.4 kilometers and takes around 26 minutes by car from Jaco. Rated as one of the best 25 beaches in the world by Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice in 2019, the Manuel Antonio Beach with its white sand is a must-visit destination. Explore the park’s trails and spot animals, such as monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and birds. This is a small park that takes around two to three hours to cover on a guided tour.

    Unwind and swim at one of the beaches including Espadilla, Manuel Antonio, Escondido, and Playitas. These all have white sand with clear water and panoramas. Rent kayaks, and paddle boards, or take a Cano Island snorkeling tour for $60 per person.

    Check out the nearby town of Quepos or take a boat tour to Damas Island, a mangrove forest with lots of animals and plants. Check out the Farmer’s Market (Quepos Feria) and the Nahomi Park.  

    Some tours from Jaco include:

    Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park Day Trip with Admission: The trip costs $134 per person and includes the entry ticket, telescope, air-conditioned car travel, and a bilingual guide.

    Manuel Antonio National Park Day Trip: The trip costs $159 per person including transportation, lunch, beverages, and a guide.

    VIP Private Hike: This customized and unique hike with a guide costs $119 per person.

    You have popular guided tour options at the park site including the Guided Tour ($60 – for adults and $40 -for kids), and Canopy Safari #1 Zipline! ($60 per person), and Planet Dolphin Catamaran ($80 – adults and $60 -kids).

    If you choose to go on your own, there are buses, taxis, and shuttles available at Jaco. Some prefer this route, as they can wait back to enjoy adventure rides at the park like the Jet Ski for $130, ADR Rafting Savegre ¾ Day for $105 per person, and ATV Real Adventure for $110 with a driver.

    Night in Jaco Town

    Jaco Town Costa Rica

    “My fun night out in Jaco Town, where I met new people, and enjoyed the lively atmosphere.”

    Jaco is not only famous for its beautiful playas but also for its vibrant nights. The town is known for its numerous restaurants that come alive after the sun sets.

    Where to Stay in Jaco Costa Rica?

    When it comes to accommodation options, Jaco offers a wide range of choices, from budget-friendly hotels to luxury resorts. 

    Hotel Costa Rica

    Hotel Club Del Mar in Jaco 

    Stayed at the Hotel Club del Mar in Jaco, where I had a comfortable and luxurious room, a tropical garden, a pool, a spa, and a restaurant.”

    One of the best places to stay in Jaco is Hotel Club del Mar. Located right on the beach, this hotel offers spacious rooms with ocean views and direct access to the sand with beach chairs and umbrellas. The hotel features a swimming pool, a restaurant serving delicious local cuisine, and a spa where you can indulge in a relaxing massage. This is one of the best beach hotels along Costa Rica’s Pacific side. 

    Crocs Resort: This is a four-star all-inclusive resort that is located right along Jaco’s shores. It offers fast access to sandy shores and blue-green waters, a health spa, a health club, and several dining choices.

    Best Western Jaco Beach All-Inclusive Resort: Positioned along Jaco’s shores, this is one of the all-inclusive hotels in Jaco. It features a swimming pool, a restaurant, a tennis court, and a beach ball court.

    Try the Local Costa Rican Food Here

    Costa Rica is well known for its food. Check out our Jaco restaurant guide to know what Jaco has to offer. Jaco is the closest to San José among all the developed beach towns in Costa Rica. So dining in Jaco gives you the chance to taste what Costa Rica’s best restaurants have to offer.

    Soda Jaco Rustico: This is one of the best restaurants in Jaco, a three-star restaurant that serves typical Costa Rican food, such as casados, gallo pinto, arroz con pollo, and picadillos. It has a cozy and friendly atmosphere, a pool table, and a dartboard.

    Soda Marea Alta: Try their traditional Costa Rican cuisine, such as ceviche, patacones, and olla de carne. It is located at the end of the beach, so it is a great place to walk over to for a meal break and head straight back for a dip.

    Sabress Kosher Restaurant: This three-star restaurant specializes in Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food. It has a cozy and elegant atmosphere and a telescope for stargazing. It also serves some local dishes, such as casados, and plantains.

    Ridiculous Burgers: They serve the best burgers in town, along with other American, European, and popular dishes in Costa Rica such as chorreadas, tortillas, and natilla.

    Is Jaco Worth Visiting?

    This vibrant beach is just a 1.5-hour drive from San José, Costa Rica’s capital city with the main international airport serving Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast. This is a big advantage over other beaches like Playa Tamarindo in Guanacaste, which is about a 4-hour drive from San Jose, and Playa Dominical in Costa Rica’s coast in the south, which is about a 3-hour drive from San Jose. Bocas Del Toro in Panama is a 1-hour flight from San Jose, while Mancora in Peru is a 3-hour flight from San Jose.

    One of Costa Rica’s best beach towns and famous beaches on the Pacific side, Jaco has a large selection of hotels, dining establishments, stores, and other night options. San Andres Island in Colombia is similar to Jaco with an airport, and lots of resorts and activities, while Cabo Polonio in Uruguay is a remote and bohemian beach village, with no electrical power, no roadways, and just a few hostels and cabins.

    Surfers love Jaco, but it also has other tourist attractions like Carara National Park, Hermosa, and Esterillos. Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are an amazing place for wildlife seeing, as they have endemic types such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies, while Huanchaco in Peru is a historical location for surfing, as it has ancient reed boats called caballitos de totora that are used by anglers and web surfers. Overall, Jaco is a popular resort and has all that it takes to attract both, surfers and wildlife enthusiasts.

    FAQs about Playa Jaco

    How many days should I spend in Jaco?

    If you plan to visit the nearby beaches and national parks located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, a 3-day vacation from anywhere in Costa Rica would be fine to cover what Jaco has to offer. This will allow you more time to visit other places in Costa Rica.

    When is the best time to visit Jaco?

    May and November are the best seasons for things to do in Jaco. This is just before or after season time when you can expect a few showers in November, but the Jaco hotels are cheaper during this period. Hotels anywhere along the coast of Costa Rica are cheaper during this period. You can also visit other nearby places including the playas, waterfalls, and national forests without much difficulty. 

    What are some of the benefits and drawbacks visitors have quoted about visiting Jaco? 


    1. Jaco is one of the original eco-tourism destinations in the country with a lot of natural beauty, such as playas, hillsides, forests, and wildlife. 
    2. One of the best places for surfing, Jaco has consistent waves and several surf schools and shops. It is suitable for beginners and advanced surfers.
    3. As one of the most developed and touristic playas, Jaco has a lot of options for accommodation, dining, shopping, entertainment, and services. 


    1. Jaco can be crowded, noisy, expensive and overpriced, especially during holidays and weekends.
    2. With a lot of nightlife and adult entertainment, Jaco is not very family-friendly or peaceful place. 
    3. Jaco is not very good for swimming or snorkeling, as it has strong currents and murky water. It can also be dangerous and have rip tides. Going out to the ocean at night is especially dangerous.



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