Unveiling the Secrets of Costa Rica’s Hummingbirds: Spots, Facts and Trivia!

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    In this blog, we uncover the ultimate guide to experiencing the enchanting world of hummingbirds in Costa Rica, from discovering their vibrant species to revealing the prime locations for unforgettable encounters. Andrea is our expert who has spent over 10 years exploring the intricacies of birdwatching and hummingbird observation. Having assisted numerous enthusiasts in navigating the awe-inspiring landscapes and diverse avian habitats, her recommendations stem from real-world experiences ensuring enthusiasts have a guide that shows how to spot and photograph these mesmerizing birds in their natural habitats.

    Costa Rica is a true hummingbird haven, with at least 50 species of hummingbirds zipping around the country. 

    Costa Rica is a true hummingbird haven

    Violetear Hummingbird in a Costa Rica garden

    Types of Hummingbirds in Costa Rica and Where You Can Dine With These Beautiful Birds

    With 15% of the world’s hummingbird species found in this small country, Costa Rica has an incredibly diverse range of these fast little birds. 

    Visit Costa Rica and dine with the hummingbirds. Exercise some caution, however, and try not to feed these birds in the wild through hummingbird feeders, as this is not allowed. In most places that you stay, they’ll likely show up when it’s snack time. 

    Here is a complete guide to the most spectacular species in Costa Rica. 

    Fiery-Throated Hummingbird

    Fiery-Throated Hummingbird

    “Its radiant colors left me in awe as it shimmered in the sunlight.”

    Tiny in size, this bird has a fiery red throat. Look for them when you go whitewater rafting, horse-riding, or on a canopy tour at La Fortuna near the Arenal Volcano.

    Volcano HummingbirdVolcano Hummingbird

    “This tiny bird flitting among the alpine flowers was a delightful surprise during my hike near the Arenal Volcano.”

    True to its name, this robin lives among the volcanic slopes of Costa Rica’s mountains. The male has a bright crimson throat while the female has white underparts with green on top. Feeding is the only time hummingbirds are seen together at the terraced gardens of Arenal Observatory Lodge.

    White-Throated Mountain Gem

    White-Throated Mountain Gem

    “The elegance of the White-Throated Mountain Gem, with its pristine white throat, was a captivating sight in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve”

    This is one of many species that prefer the cooler mountain areas. The male has a striking white throat and an emerald green crown. Dine with them along the trails of Sky Walk Park near Arenal.

    Violet Sabrewing

    Violet Sabrewing

    “The Violet Sabrewing’s deep purple hue and impressive size were a majestic presence in the lush green of La Paz Waterfall Gardens.”

    With violet wispy feathers across its head, this is the largest hummingbird in Costa Rica. This hummer has wingbeats that generate the humming sounds at the El Silencio Lodge in the Monteverde Forest Reserve.

    Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird