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Dolphin / Whale Tours Costa Rica

Widely considered one of the best places in the world for dolphin and whale-watching, Drake Bay attracts wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world who come to view these graceful mammals in their natural habitat. The warm, clear waters off Drake Bay and the Osa Peninsula, fed by upwelling nutrients from the nearby continental shelf, support teeming marine life and play host to large groups, or pods, of diverse cetaceans. Over twenty species of whales and dolphins can be found here, including large resident populations of spotted, common, rough-tooth, bottlenose and spinner dolphins, and migrating populations of beaked, pilot,  fin, orca, false orca, blue and humpback whales who come here to mate and breed. Although most commonly sighted independently of each other, it is not uncommon to see pods of whales accompanied by large schools of dolphins.

Boasting the distinction of being home to the longest humpback season in the world, Drake Bay draws migrations from both the southern and northern hemispheres, the only marine zone in the world where this occurs. The humpbacks have been known to travel more than 5000 miles each way to reach their birthing and breeding grounds, farther than any other whale. In fact, the humpback holds the remarkable record for the longest documented journey by an individual mammal. Some sightings may include; female humpbacks with their calves, teaching them to breach or even males competing for the attention of the females

We offer guided dolphin and whale watching tours with experienced and knowledgeable local guides. Though the presence and exact location of the whales and dolphins can never be predicted exactly or guaranteed, sightings are frequent, with august through November being the best months for sighting whales and year round for dolphins. The tours are operated and conducted according to best practices and international regulations for the safety and respect of the animals in order to not adversely affect their behavior, and to ensure their enjoyment for generations to come keeping.

PRICE: $175 per person (4 person minimum)
DURATION: 5-6 hours


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