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ENERGY WITHIN - January 5 - 9, 2017

As women, we want to be powerful, yet this is not always how we feel or how we experience our lives. Learning how to tap into your internal energy source allows you to become authentically and naturally powerful.

"Radiance is your inner strength reflected outward through your healthy mind and body. It is to be a conduit for this unbridled creative life force to truly touch us, open us, and express itself thru us”.

Internal presence is an energetic, empowered and magnetic quality that has nothing to do with the way you look. When you are able to embody your essence you don’t need to try and project a powerful personality, as you are attractive, radiant, sensual and grounded from within. This presence attracts people to you and helps manifest the life you want.

What is the mysterious force that has us looking at a woman and saying, “Whatever she’s having… I want that”.

It’s not because she’s got millions in the bank, it’s not because her relationship is perfect, it’s not because she has it all together, there’s something more, something deeper…. something coming from within.

What gives us deep radiance, beyond the surface?  Society doesn’t even acknowledge that this kind of beauty is possible.

Who you are, and whether you own your one-of-a-kind individual radiance, surpasses any material wealth or facade you can make for yourself. And nothing in the world compares with the infinite feeling of confidence in yourself as a freely flowing, powerfully strong, authentic woman.

Seven day retreat will include:

  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Healing foods
  • Meditation
  • Breath work
  • Sound bath
  • 6 Group Energy Workshops
  • Journal work
  • 1 personal illumination session
  • 1 Raindrop therapy session
  • 2 massages
  • jungle hikes
  • snorkeling
  • paddle boards
  • swimming
  • boat tour
  • waterfall hike
  • Horseback riding (optional)


Day 1

Understanding your subtle bodies and yogic anatomy. Cultivating energy from within. What is creative life force energy, and how to harness it. What builds our life force & what depletes it.

Day 2

SELF CARE­ Foods that heal, Caring for the body, Movement, Honor thyself, BODY IMAGE­ Aging gracefully, sex, beauty, perfection as you are, Self Love. Releasing the conditioning of celebrity obsessed culture that we are

Day 3

SHADOW­- you have to feel it to heal it. Personal Power, fear, Discouragement, Challenge & growth, Letting go of conditioning. Relationships. Substance & Addiction. Starting with where you are at. What is a woman? Understanding who you are as woman. Life cycles a woman goes through.

Day 4

THE WORD­ projection, manifesting, sound, vibration, mantra, affirmation, power of subconscious mind, law of attraction. Your are the creator of your experience. Perception. Thoughts & feelings

Day 5

The healing power of Nature. The Unseen Realms, Tatvas, becoming a medicine woman.

Day 6

Designing your future. Goals, passions, action plan. Bringing your gifts to the world. Alignment. Purpose, community, women’s circles, Success, Keep up!

Online Reservations

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