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Mangrove Tour Costa Rica

 Our half and full day guided tours offer a wide variety of opportunities to see the endless primary jungle lined beaches and small coves, some accessible by boat only, as well as river mouths and estuaries. We will also explore the beautiful maze of canals and rivers that flood the largest untouched mangroves in all of Costa Rica. Home to nearly a 100 species of birds, including the endemic mangrove hummingbird (found nowhere else on earth) the entire region is a birders paradise.

Wildlife is prolific, with an abundance of reptiles including Caimans, Crocodiles, tree frogs boas, iguanas and river turtles. Mammals are also very common, and you will very likely see three species of monkeys (Howlers, Squirrel, and White Faced Capuchins) as well as Sloths and Coatis. Mangroves are especially important to the regions ecology, as they provide nurseries for fish and shrimp. Without such forests, there would be much less life in the oceans.

PRICE: $175 per person (4 person minimum)
DURATION: approximately 5 hours


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